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Product Design & Development

We bring your product from concept,
to reality – understanding that time to market is critical to success

Shore is able to offer a diverse and significant background in mold making and molding experience that gives us the understanding and knowledge required to meet true “Design for Manufacturing” (DFM) principles. This encompasses not only the methods of processing or molding, but in the methods of mold construction and complete cost consideration. Ultimately the overarching part cost is minimized in the early stages of the design.
In our design planning and execution, some of the tools used to meet client objectives are:

  • SolidWorks® as our primary design software. Starting with 3D CAD models, concepts are developed to be moldable, cost effective, and with aesthetic value.
  • Utilizing a wide array of SolidWorks® Simulation tools including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), designs are tested under customer-specified conditions. Simulation informs major design improvements early in the development process.
  • Plastic flow analysis can determine ideal gate location, predict resin flow, and reveal potential molding challenges. Flow optimization leads to shorter cycle times and a more robust part.
  • Physical models can be made via in-house 3D printing. A tangible prototype helps confirm that the design meets client requirements prior to mold manufacturing. Models can be tested in our lab to ensure proper fit, form, and function.